Tuesday, January 31, 2017 @ Welcome 2017 and CNY
Happy Lunar New Year! 

Time flies, it's the end of January 2017, 1/12 month had passed in a blink of an eye.
Wishing everyone's 2017 to be better, may everybody be happy and healthy!!
2016 had been an up and down year, many things have happened. Thanks for those who have left and that I've seen through who you are. Thanks for those who stayed by me as well, love them!

Found this on FB, " It's better to have a friend with 2 chins, than a friends with 2 faces" 😊

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ September is here
September is here! :)

Went back to Coral with Eli and Pam to visit teachers, cause it's Teachers' Day celebration!
Sadly, Yixin, Alicia and Adeline couldn't join us for this visiting. It's okay we've planned to go for the Final Homecoming this coming Nov! :)
We ate Mac for breakfast before heading back, stucked at the security for quite some time because the guard said we need teacher to bring us in. So, we called a few teachers but they didn't pick up/on mc... Luckily, Mr Fong answered and said he come to pick us however, Mr David saw us and bring us in instead!

Saw most of the teachers that we've planned to visit, but some of them were not in school.
After visiting all the teachers, we walked around the school and went to places that had created memories for us :)

 Coral Secondary (for the last time)

Went back to 3/3's classroom to sit hahah, sat on my seat!

5/1 !! :)

Here's my favourite place, the music room!! Missed dancing here every tues and fri! 

So, here's the basketball court where I had finger jammed, thrice or maybe more??  hahaha

Parade Square; Assembly, P.E., Victory Bell etc....

Haha, I am lazy to upload the rest of the pictures, but we went to many more places such as the Detention Room, Reflection Mirror << for Eli. Then, School Hall, Canteen, Bookshop, Toilet? LOL
We'd even talked to the Counsellor! Gosh, missed those times where we camp inside her room and played with the whiteboard, bears and guitar. 'Bedapachadlicia' was created back then too! 
Oh well, time flies it's been 4 years since we've graduated. 
That's all for the visiting, see you again in Nov.

After that, I went to see UDC perform with bf.
Awesome performance, can't wait to perform too!! 6 more trainings to go though and not sure if I am able to perform by then. Friendly people and made some friends too :) 
Went to Orchard to shop after that, wow bf bought one A&F long sleeve pullover for just $26.90! 
Haha damn pretty, cause I choose one :X 
Bought an Adidas gym shorts for gym! Went to gym straight after Orchard, met his friend there to gym together.  
Gosh, aching like mad cause I did on my own while the guys did chest. Hahaha! 
I did almost everything, from cardio to legs to arms to shoulders to abs oh my...
Tomorrow still got work :( Oh dear... hahaha

Shall go rest now already, Goodnights :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 @ 1st Post
Contemplating if I should start blogging again...
Well, let's see how it goes :)
Goodnight all, it's mid week tomorrow already!
Cheers! :)

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